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HubSpot Developer Day Swag

Recently I attended the HubSpot virtual Developer Day which is a great time to learn and hear about new developments, as well as hang out with colleagues. Check out the great swag they sent!

I find it interesting how much I enjoy developing in HubCMS now. When I was first introduced to HubSpot at my last position in a full service marketing agency, it was clearly built for marketers and lacking for developers. The templates were clunky, full of bad code, and really a headache to work with. But knowing how great the software was for the other parts of marketing and the power it would bring to our digital clients, I supported the choice, started learning how to work in it, and got involved in the HubSpot community.

Clearly many other developers felt the same, as a few years ago they announced a team solely focused on making the developer experience better. With the vision and goal of being a WordPress alternative and competitor, they knew they needed developers to be on board. And can I just say it's amazing to watch a company understand what needs to be done and get it done! From getting rid of the clunky drag and drop template, to adding command line capabilities, reusable self-contained modules, complete design control, and even the ability to create your own entire layout, developing for HubCMS has become - dare I say it - enjoyable.

With the launch of their $25 per month plan, I find myself recommending HubCMS more than any other CMS I work in. Wordpress may be free, but when you add in hosting costs and the time it takes to do upgrades HubCMS actually costs less. They handle all the security and keep the environment up to date plus you get the power of their free CRM, email marketing, lead capturing, and the ability to easily upgrade and scale your tools as needed.

Let me know if you are considering HubSpot or have any questions. I'd love to talk more!